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ŠKODA Fabia To Go On Sale In The UK Later This Year

Added: 29 March 2021

Red Skoda Fabia driving on road

The ŠKODA Fabia, the much-sought-after hatchback alternative to the Volkswagen Polo and the Ford Fiesta, is about to make another comeback. The fourth-generation ŠKODA Fabia is due for release this year, and with it comes a number of styling tweaks, more engine choices, and a whole host of clever features. Needless to say, there is much to look forward to for fans of this ŠKODA model.

So, when will it be released? Well, the finished car is expected to be unveiled this spring and sales should start sometimes over the summer season. In terms of pricing, it is thought £15,500 will be the starting point, but all will be revealed soon.

In terms of design, the 2021 model of the ŠKODA Fabia is still recognisable, but it has undergone a few changes to bring it in line with the other recent models in ŠKODA's car range.

It will be slightly larger than its predecessor, measuring 4,107mm long, 1,780mm wide and 1,460mm tall, with a large grille at the front, and the sharp, angular headlights that will be recognisable to anybody familiar with the ŠKODA Scala. You can expect a bigger wheelbase to complement the Fabia's extended size, with a measurement of 94mm to 2,564mm to boost the car's practicality. This is especially useful for anybody looking for larger boot space, as an extra 50 litres of boot space can now be unlocked, according to ŠKODA. This brings Fabia's maximum boot capacity to 380 litres.

The new model will come with LED headlights and brake lights, although these probably won't come as standard on the entry-level models. You can probably expect them on the Monte Carlo trim level variant, however, ŠKODA's range-topper which has survived for another generation.

There are no plans yet for a plug-in version of the car, and this is probably due to the complexity and compromises that would be involved when packaging a battery into the ŠKODA Fabia. This might change down the line, but buyers can still expect an economical drive with the car. A range of 1.0-litre three-cylinder engines will be available, two of them being turbocharged with outputs of 94bhp and 108bhp. These models will also get a seven-speed automatic gearbox as standard. The entry-level variants without turbocharging will have outputs of either 64bhp or 79bhp.

As for features, the ŠKODA Fabia will have much to offer, with a free-standing touchscreen infotainment system in the interior and, for the first time, a digital driver's display. Also in the Fabia's interior, you can see the return of ŠKODA's 'simply clever' practicality solutions. These will include a new storage compartment on the transmission tunnel, a pair of smartphone pockets on the front seats, and a card and coin holder on the glovebox lid.

Safety is obviously a priority, and with the Fabia, you can expect nine airbags, park assists, blind-spot detection, and ŠKODA's new manoeuvre assist technology to detect any obstacles.

More will be revealed soon, but for all things related to ŠKODA, check in with us here for the very latest information. We also have a range of great pre-owned ŠKODA Fabia's as well as the new ŠKODA Fabia Estate and the new ŠKODA Fabia Hatchback.

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