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Taking a Summer Road Trip?

Added: 09 July 2021

With the arrival of summer comes the seemingly inevitable prospect of driving a long way. Whether this is for a 2-week getaway, or to see family and friends for a long weekend, there's always the journey to tackle before you reach the destination.

Before you go

Make sure your car is ready for your trip

  • Oil – make sure you are happy with your engine’s oil levels by checking they are between the minimum and maximum on the dipstick
  • Fuel – ensure you have enough fuel for your journey. Cars use more fuel in heavy traffic especially in warm weather.
  • Coolant – keeps your engine from overheating , so on a hot day in traffic it’s essential to ensure you avoid being the one on the hard shoulder
  • Tyres – find your coins that haven’t seen the light of day for a while and using a 20p to check your tyre tread. If you can’t see the outer band of the coin your tyres are within the legal limit.
  • Lights – it may seem like a nice bright day, but you never know what the weather will bring, make sure you stay visible to fellow road users. Check your lights are in full working order before setting off and get your road trip buddy to check the rear lights for you.
  • Screenwash – top up your windscreen washer fluid no one wants to drive with seagull muck all over their windscreen after a trip to the beach

On the road

The journey is as important as the destination so be prepared to make your journey enjoyable even in summer traffic.

  • Drinks – have a selection of drinks available for passenger and driver you never know when you might need it.
  • Snacks – sugary sweets, energy bars or even a picnic, make sure you’ll fully stocked for hungry travellers. You don’t want your energy levels dropping during the journey.
  • Music – a road trip always needs a good playlist. Check out our staff summer Spotify playlist on Spotify
  • Podcasts and Audio books – Enjoy a good book or learn something new with a podcast, without running the risk of dealing with carsick passengers from trying to read in a moving vehicle.
  • Games – Eye spy might not last too long but you could name brands of car in alphabetical order for example. Resorting to portable games consoles or iPads may help occupy passengers and reduce the amount of times you hear ‘are we there yet?’
  • Take breaks – regularly stop for 15 minutes breaks to stretch your legs and if possible share the driving responsibilities with your fellow passengers

Home time

Going back home may not be the most exciting prospect but there are things you can do to make your arrival back a bit better

  • Packing – make sure you have packed everything back into your vehicle including anything you have bought along the way. You don’t want to get home and realise you’ve forgotten the house keys!
  • Clothes – try and keep some comfy clothes left to travel home in so you have a comfortable journey.
  • Time – if travelling with children try and time your journey through nap time so you can have a peaceful drive
  • Supplies – if you have someone going in to feed a pet or check your house get them to drop off some supplies or pick some up from a local shop. The last thing you need is to get back and have to unpack without a cup of tea!

Speak to us at any of our retail branches if you need to get your car serviced, or just want someone to give it the once over for your peace of mind.

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